Diamond Hunt 2

Coming Soon

Diamond Hunt 2 will be a complete remake of the current Diamond Hunt. It is currently in development and will contain most elements that Diamond Hunt currently has - and more. This project aims the same playstyle as the current Diamond Hunt - but with much more content

Note that the game will be released with only part of the list complete, I will continue to add-on to the list while the game is live. Also this list is more of a brainstorm - some elements might not be implemented at all.

Notable Changes:

NEW Skills:
NEW Other Content:
NEW Statistics:

When will this be released?
No set date yet - I will release it when a few skills are ready and continue to build on that while the game is live. I will have a ton of time during/after Christmas.

Will we keep our items and xp from the current DH?
No, this is a complete revamp of the game. The only thing that will transfer over are the sigils. (Pumpkin, Santa hat, Easter Egg, Ghost, And the final sigil to be released end of december)

Will the current Diamond Hunt stay online?
Yes, the current game will stay up and running. It will also be updated occasionally depending on the player base.

'I have some flags on my account because I broke one or more rules on the current game, will they be removed?'
Yes, everyone will be set to a clean status.

Will we keep our usernames
Yes, your usernames will be reserved in the new game so no one can take them except for you.